Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Frame: gold nickel or chrome.

Table frame: semigloss,
veneered wood.
Colours: caramel, black
or dark brown.
Base: metal;
finish: bronze or black nickel.

Top in smoked grey tempered glass with bright chrome-plated metal base; top in Calacatta marble with butter glossy varnished metal base; top in brushed natural oak with butter glossy varnished metal base; top in black varnished oak with black glossy varnished metal base.

Top available in: Calacatta marble, black Marquina marble or stratified, tempered reflecting smoked-grey glass with bright black-nickel metal frame or in black or white Corian® with black or white varnished metal frame or completely in black-nickel metal.

Top available: Marquina marble with black painted metal frame or top in gloss polyester or matt ebony, black tinted oak, Afyon marble.

Frame: hand-crafted solid iron.
Top: ground sheet metal.

Chrome-plated metal frame.
Top available in four different finishes: Etruscan onyx, dove grey or white glossy lacquered wooden top, statuary veined white marble and Calacatta marble.
Lower top in smoked bronzed tempered glass.

Top finishes: sandwich wood walnut matt veneered, in brushed natural oak, in grey tinted oak, in moka or black lacquered oak, in sandblasted oak, open pore semiglossy black varnished.

Bronzed glass or lapped plate top with craftsmanlike-worked solid iron frame, or black leather top or veneered in matt finished walnut with black painted solid iron frame.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Fisherman's Knot

The fisherman's knot is used for joining two fine lines such as fishing leaders.
It is simply two overhand knots, one holding the right-hand line, and the the other
the left-hand line. Pull each of the two overhand knots taut separately. Then make
the whole knot taut so the two overhand knots come together by pulling on the
standing parts of each line.

Miller's Knot

This is a close relative of the clove hitch and is used in tying sacks with
heavy string or cord. Note that the first turn around the sack leads over the
forefinger and the others pass under all fingers.

Double Carrick Bend

The double carrick bend is used for joining 2 very thick ropes at the end,
usually used by towboats to tow large cargo ships. the ends should be tied

Monday, September 8, 2008



'64 Chair - 1964

'64 Table - 1964

'64 Day bed - 1964


1982 - Chair With Arms

1987 - How High The Moon

How High The Moon reminds me of wabi-sabi. How i wished i could own either one of these chairs... especially the chair with arms :/ Hmmm...

Monday, September 1, 2008